Thursday, December 31, 2009


Lauren left Harris House in June of 2009. She and I shared a room for our first two years out of the dorms, and while a third was never part of the plan, I couldn't shake the feeling that this move was a break-up. I watched as she tore our pictures from the wall, as frozen faces suddenly found themselves smiling into dark corners, at gag gifts and staplers and large tangles of plastic hangers. The boxes piled up quickly. We attempted to discuss custody of our costume collection, but failed to reach a suitable resolution, so it stayed put. No contract, we said. She could visit as often as she liked.

Adjusting to life without Lauren was difficult at first. I'd still refer to the entire left half of the room as "Lauren's side," and kept it empty for my first few months as sole tenant. But more recently, I've discovered the advantages of having one's own room. Sleeping nude has been a big one, as well as the freedom to fart loudly, but by far the biggest perk of Lauren's absence is my new ability to give her horrendously tacky gifts without having to look her in the eye each morning.

Enter: a pair of white canvas shoes, some embellishing glue, and seven bags of rare gemstones imported from JoAnns.

Merry Christmas, Lauren (or, more appropriately, I'm sorry).

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Allow Me to Dazzle You

Made from a pair of old Art Kicks, I think these are my new favorite pair of Bedazzle Kicks! I really enjoy working with glitter, so I jumped on the chance to bedazzle these bad boys. This may be the most labor intensive pair I've ever done (2 hours laying it all out and about 6 actually bedazzling), but I LOVE how they turned out. I sketched out the beads and glitter beforehand to make sure everything was positioned correctly, but the earring was a last minute addition and I could not be happier with the result!

\m/ metallic.